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wWednesday, July 03, 2002

Ahhh man, now this is cool. Turn your mouse into a mini cryogenic chamber. I don't think I could pull it off, it might not be airtight and my little Lego person would die, wait they are already dead, okay, well thanks to Shane for sending it over from the UK (oh, and the UK includes Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, so he tells me, so even though he is Scottish, he is also British. Thanks for clearing that up Shane!)

posted by meesh at 2:43 PM


Ok, this is scary. Apparently the monster's under the bed ARE real!

"They'll rip your heart out! They'll rip your eyes out! They'll twist your heads off! And then they'll drag you down that twisting, turning low-road that leads directly into Hell."

Ooookkaaaayyy, then.

posted by meesh at 12:34 PM


Meesh!, where the hell is everyone???
What do you mean I'm right here?

No, I mean everyone else, noone has been blogging this week.
I dunno maybe it is some sort of moment of silence thing, you know, out of respect...

for Independence Day you idiot, remembering the people who died for our country!?@

Um, that's Memorial Day.
Ok, well maybe they are just freakin' tired, on vacation, over it.

What will we do? no more Matt Welch , no more Ken Layne. Even Instapundit is on vacation.
Since when do you read political spiels??

Well I don't, but if I wanted to I meant. I am stuck reading that X Factor guy, do you think his name really Christopher Cross?
I doubt it, but I don't care, I wish he just wouldn't talk at all, just take off that shirt so we can see the rest of his bod.

What, tell me you don't agree?

Well, ok, we need more cute bloogers.

Bloggers! You know what I meant.
MMmmm, no we don't. Tony Pierce is enough for me. He is sooooo hot!

Eeeewww, are you serious?
Yes, c'mon don't tell me you don't think so?

Uh, nooooo! What about him is hot?
Well he's got that whole artist, athlete, musician thing going for him.

Ok, artist, yes. But just because he likes sports doesn't make him an athlete. Ditto, with music.
Ok well I bet he knows alot of cute musicians.

Plus he likes baseball, that's not really a sport. Now soccer, that's a sport.
What do you mean that's not a sport?? It's like our national pasttime and everything!

Pasttime, yes. Sport no. Get it: past time, pass the time, not a sport. To be a sport, people have to have been playing it for at least a couple hundred years or something.
Did you just make that up?

Well, yes. But think about it, even the Mayans were playing soccer.
Yeah, yeah, I am not going to argue, Soccer rules, Basketball rules, Baseball, nyyehhh.

Besides he is stopping his blog, too.
He didn't say he was quitting, he said if he doesn't get 100 new links. Plus won't he keep his baseball blog going too?

Are you that dense? How hard would it really be to get 100 links? I mean he is linked to YOUR blog, for God's sake. Ok I'll admit it might be hard for him to find someone who isn't ALREADY linked to him. And are you going to actually read about baseball everyday?
Right, right. I wonder if he will still mingle in all his chick adoration.

Of course he will, I mean he won't stop being Tony Pierce.
It's so sad. I mean he is like my idol and everything. He is the whole reason I started blogging. Maybe if I get a camera, I can start doing photo essays and stuff.

Meesh, you are a horrible photographer and you aren't even a writer. Don't kid yourself. No one will be able to replace him.
Your right, It's just that..... well I miss him already. He is already starting in full force on the whole baseball thing. And it is kind of scaring me. I mean he is just sitting there writing, talking to himself, back and forth in his head. Who does that? Do you think he is ok, I mean you know sane?

He has always done that, hasn't he? And it is still entertaining right?
Yeah it is, it's just that you know how if you read someones blog everyday you can kind of tell what sort of mood they are in, how they are doing and all. He seems kinda bummed.

Maybe, I dunno, not getting enough sperm, hahaha, I know, that was bad. How can you tell anyway, it's all lies remember?
I can just tell, we're both Libras remember. It is like we have this spiritual connection.

I thought you didn't believe in astrology?
Well I don't believe in the other signs, but I believe in Libras.

Okay, well that makes sense.
Since when have I tried to make sense? And also, it's that, {sniff} I think he is the only one who actually reads my blog.

Well you might be right there, but who says he will stop reading?
{smiles} yeah, ok, but if anyone else is reading, How will I know?

I guess you won't. Maybe they'll send you an e-mail. Or they COULD sign your Guestbook.
Only geeks sign Guestbooks.

Well you're a geek.
And I sign Guestbooks.

posted by meesh at 11:02 AM

wMonday, July 01, 2002

The US men's soccer team will win the World Cup before the Red Sox win the World Series. Ted Danson has $1000 on No. He says, "in the World Cup, you have the whole WORLD against you, but in baseball, the Red Sox only really have to beat the Yankees." Seems rational to me. This site, Longbets, has some very interesting discussions going on, many about things that I am completely clueless about. Not only that but all the money goes to charity. So read up and impress your friends with your knowledge of superstring theory and the like.

posted by meesh at 3:04 PM


Other than this guys idea to build a new Yankee stadium where the Twin Towers once stood, I really like this concept. Not to mention I really like cool Flash sites too, but it looks pretty sweet, check it.

posted by meesh at 2:56 PM


Office of Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge upped the country's alert status from yellow to bridal white today, saying terrorists were now attempting to marry U.S. Forest Service workers in hopes of eventually burning down the United States acre by acre.

In a secret memo intercepted by German police and passed on to American authorities, al Qaeda operatives have allegedly been told to wed and quickly separate from Forest Service employees, then write incendiary letters to their estranged spouses. A single well-crafted note, the terrorists believe, can blacken as much as 100,000 acres. more......

posted by meesh at 2:41 PM


One Nation, under (available for sponsorship),
indivisible, with Liberty,
and Justice for All.

posted by meesh at 2:37 PM

wSunday, June 30, 2002

So that was all around 92. Flash forward to January 2000. Mrs. Virk wakes her kids in the middle of the night, walks them over to the harbor and throws them into the water and holds them down, attempting to drown them. So Mrs. Virk is currently on trial for attempted murder, but Sam is really the one on trial because her defense is going with the whole, "He drove me to it, he made me crazy". Apparently he left her for 5 or 6 months when he went back to India to seek a divorce (and find a new wife). She claims he left them with no food or money, but the House of Spirits was practically a grocery store. Maybe she felt unloved or unwanted but,hello, it WAS an arranged marriage. What tops it all off is that the kids are testifying against their mom saying she abused them and that their father never hit them or her as she alleges. I hear about mother's trying to or actually killing their kids every now and then, but with this incident being so close to home, I am able to understand her conflict if ever so slightly more than not at all. The psychologists are saying she is "naive, simple and low-functioning", I don't think that qualifies as insane. I am sort of biased towards Sam at this point but will continue to follow the trial.

posted by meesh at 10:03 PM


Our little racket was serving us all too well, we kept it a secret from everyone else, we didn't want any stupid underclassmen spoiling our good thing. We knew Sam was married, and he didn't seem too thrilled about it either, he was always complaining that Mrs. Virk was a real bitch and now that she was pregnant even more so. We were sure she couldn't be that bad. Until the one day we strolled in after school and were confronted with the Beast herself. Morgan didn't even flinch with Sam not there, she brought our 3 forties up to the counter like usual, giving Mrs. Virk an extra sweet smile. Simone and I decided to wait outside as I was certainly not able to keep a straight face and one high school kid probably had a better chance than 3. Not long had passed when we heard threatening yelling and Mrs. Virk screaming ,"I call the police! I call the police!". Morgan ran out with Mrs. Virk close behind holding a broom over her head. We were already in the car and pulling out of the parking lot with Morgan chasing after us and jumping in to the back of the convertible headfirst.
Of course, this posed a problem. But all was not lost. Mrs. Virk was only there until 4pm, when she left to pick up her baby. We could still hook up after that, and we continued to, if only for the rebellious, illegal aspect of it. We started hanging out with a crew of boys a few years older than us, who were more than happy to supply us with liquor. We continued to pop in whenever we were in the neighborhood if only to see Sam who had been so good to us and seemed to be falling deeper into a depression, no doubt brought on by that nag of his. It cheered him up to see us. He'd always say, "How come you no visit me anymore?"

posted by meesh at 9:40 PM