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wFriday, July 12, 2002

Michelle est comme le peu de feu qui chauffe, bien mieux que le grand feu qui brûle!!!

posted by meesh at 11:44 AM


Dale Earnhardt reincarnated as a goat?
Who'd a thunk it? Well seeing as 3 is my favorite number, I will pay reverence to the goat.

posted by meesh at 11:28 AM


On Day 3 without smokes. Almost went to the store last night, and then on the way to work this morning. But it was almost too hot this morning already, where you can hardly breathe as it is. Plus the super strong Blue Mountain Coffee I had this morning left me with cotton/coffee mouth. I guess I am quitting. Maybe I need a support group.

"You ask what we need to win this war. I will tell you, we need tobacco, more tobacco - even more than food"
General John J Pershing to the Minister of War.

We're related, apparently he's my Great Great Uncle or something, I guess it runs in the family, on pop's side anyway. I could never smoke like the men in the family though. My brother (he's 29) was up to 2 packs a day, before he had a stroke 2 months ago. (Yes, a freaking stroke). I never saw myself smoking that much, but I never could see myself quitting. 20 sum years from now sitting on my lanai, drinking my Sapphire and tonics (2 limes), having a smoke, relaxing and taking in the sunset.
It is all or nothing though, I realize. I wanted to be one of those moms that snuck a cigarette after the kids were in bed (drinking my G & T's), don't ask me why. Ok, well since you asked, I always liked to have a bad habit, it makes me feel human I guess. I can be a perfectionist, and sacrifice, and work my ass off, but I still have my little thing, my respite, my personal time. Meesh time. Hmmmmm...

posted by meesh at 10:08 AM

wThursday, July 11, 2002

This DID make me a little dizzy after a while, but I kept wondering what he was going to do next.

Spin - click on the seated man to change scenes


posted by meesh at 4:35 PM


Man this Space Monkey is one funny primate. His site (well I guess it is part his, Jam Sandwich has some silly ass links. This one almost had me singing along and was nearly as enjoyable as the movie. Check it out...

posted by meesh at 4:06 PM


Oh shit, this is fucking great! How to Pee Standing Up. You know you've always wanted to. Ok so I have tried it before but didn't attempt to get the arc going on it, which is essential for dribble-free urinating. Guys read it, too, I think you might enjoy the whole part about a woman touching her lips and.... well I'll just let you read it.

posted by meesh at 3:30 PM


Ok, usually I cringe at the sight of these, What Jellybean flavor are you? kind of crap. Except the What kind of Barbie are you? I was into that, but I had to find out what Weezer song I was, I wanted to be Island in the Sun, but apparently I am:

Which Weezer Song are You?
I've got my ass wide
You've got your big G's

Uh, ok. big surprise there. Does anyone know where you can get some good hash by the way?

posted by meesh at 12:50 PM


Listening to : The Logical Song, Supertramp remix by Solid Solution. going off, I guess it is pretty hot in the UK clubs right now. I dunno, but it is making want to get up on my desk and dance, that is for sure.

When I was young,
it seemed that life was wonderful, a miracle,
oh it was beautiful, magical
all the birds in the trees they were singing so happily,
oh joyfully, playfully, watching me.
But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical.
And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable, clinical, intellectual, cynical.
There are times when all the world's asleep, the questions run too deep for such a simple man.
Won't you please, please tell me what we've learnt?
I know it sounds absurd but please tell me who I am.
Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical, liberal, fanatical, criminal.
Won't you sign up your name?, we'd like to feel you're
acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable...

German techno pop stars Scooter did a remake of it released last month, definitely good summer rave fare, the ext version is blazing through @32 kb/s and will probably be done by time I finish this sentence.

Good stuff

posted by meesh at 12:42 PM

wWednesday, July 10, 2002

Puff, puff, give...

In Nevada: Voters will decide in November whether to let adults legally possess up to 3 ounces of pot, officials said Tuesday. Under the proposal, marijuana would be sold in state-licensed shops and taxed like cigarettes and other tobacco products

In Britain: Prime Minister Tony Blair's government moved Wednesday to relax its laws on marijuana. Under the proposal, marijuana would be downgraded from a Class B to a Class C drug, making its use and possession less serious crimes.

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

posted by meesh at 4:30 PM


WOW! This is a pretty cool photo. I'd hate to be looking down the barrel of that.
Just read the account of the 3rd run yesterday, and apparently the bulls are going for Americans. Even so, I am still rooting for the bulls. I know it is tradition and all, but read this and tell me you don't see what I mean.

posted by meesh at 4:27 PM


listening to Weezer, Island in the Sun

I couldn't wait to get off work and go pick up RHCP's By the Way (came out yesterday), so I am taking advantage of the blazing fast connection at work and downloading. I know, tell it to the hand. Checking out their website as well, even Flea blogs! and came across this very cool tidbit on their show at Ellis Island tonight.

There are still a large number of tickets available for tonights Ellis Island Show - Here is how:

Go to Battery Park / The Castle Clinton National Monument where the Statue of Liberty Circle Line Ferries sales booth is situated, preferably by 4:30 p.m. There you will be able to purchase tickets to watch the concert from one of 4 ferries, which will specifically stop offshore at the most advantagous point to see the stage, from a distance of approx. 150 feet. RHCP will play right at the water's edge so the ferry company assured us of a good view of the band. The show ferries will leave around 7 p.m., it is advisable to be at the ferry dock by 5 -6 p.m.

Pretty cool, huh? I guess there are doing some radio promotion and wanted to make sure the real fans had a chance to see them, so they booked all the ferries!

posted by meesh at 3:57 PM


Speaking of Snopes.com, learn everything you ever wanted to know about Cokelore.
(as I sit here with a Vanilla Coke on my desk, its actually quite good, kind of tastes like a Cream Soda but it's got the Coke Classic bite, mmmm).
I was a bit, huh?, at first too, but hadn't you ever heard those rumors like coke will dissolve a tooth overnight, or that the Mormons own Coca-cola? Interesting stuff how these rumors get started.
And get this: A 1% share of Coca-cola is worth $1.375 billion.

posted by meesh at 2:56 PM


My friend Mark forwarded me an e-mail warning which stated that fires are being ignited at gas stations by people who create static electricity by getting in their cars while in the middle of pumping gas and then go back to pull the pump. Mark forwards me loads of stuff all the time, some not so funny but never anything serious. Although it was nice to know he was looking out for my safety, I figured I should check it out anyway as some of his forwards would fall into the Urban Legend category. I checked out the link he sent me and also the snopes.com site and apparently it's true. Now this scares me because I get in my car all the time when I am pumping gas. Either to put my wallet away, put lipstick on, or just sit there and relax instead of smelling stinkin gas fumes in the hot sun. Now I have visions of myself bursting into flames as I reach for the pump. Scary, huh?
And the thing is, I just think it's silly to stand there and pump your gas, when it pumps itself just fine. Everyone stands and pumps, I don't get it. Why do I want to stand and hold that stinkin, dirty thing for a few minutes while it fills up. I have yet to experience it flipping back out at me like a garden hose on full blast. So I will take my chances. That's me baby, living dangerously.

posted by meesh at 2:36 PM

wTuesday, July 09, 2002

So, there was so much crap flowing yesterday that it had to flow into the next day I suppose, but today it is just smells a little more. Coming into work today and stopping at the Coffee Bean, it was just so nice and cool inside, I often find myself thinking that I would rather be working at the freaking coffee bar than in my den of technical ambiguity. Why? I dunno, does anyone else ever feel that way? Having your career defined by a blended mocha just screams relaxation.

I come into work and there it is. The shit that has been waiting to hit the fan for a month now, I almost thought it was going to go away. When it came, I still knew there was nothing I could do about it. But my boss has decided that I will go through all of the featless motions of opposition, even though we both know nothing will come of it. Hopeless exertion, I really don't need it. So the Coffee Bean is looking more and more attractive everyday.

I only went there today because there was no coffee when I got up, and what is the point then of getting up. Well there WAS coffee grounds, but someone is trying to drive me to a slow death by continually buying Irish Cream. No flavor that disgusts me more than Irish Cream. Maybe I had a bad experience with the liquor at some point, but it really just makes me want to puke. And not just the coffee, they are buying the creamer too, bleah.

posted by meesh at 10:00 AM

wMonday, July 08, 2002

Happy thought :)

Got home and there wa the best pile of mail I had seen a while. No Bills, for one, a magazine, a box of mail order stuff from Delias (yeah!), 2 DVDs from Netflix AND 2 postcards! Ok so one wasn't for me, it had totally been misdelivered, it was going to Santa Barbara?! but someone must have known I would really enjoy it. I will be sure to pass it on to its rightful owner. Postcards are a dying tradition, I feel. Now only 23 cents to send, what I like is that they are collectible (In my twisted collectors eye, along with my snowglobes, fridge magnets, and floaty pens) and take so little effort. I might even enjoy the fact that someone else is reading it, dunno. Sometimes I even send them to myself. "Hi Meesh, you are here and having a great time, remember the views." And then it is home when you get there. woohoo, mail!

posted by meesh at 1:08 PM


My Crappy Day, Part 1

Arrrrrggggh! Today brings new meaning to the word Monday. Not only do I have a sunburn that makes me look like some 3rd degree burn victim, I have a 3-layered volcano right between my eyes. The morning strarted out ok, up to the point where Steve drops me off at the corner at Amtrak because he is have a manfit over his inability to allow me to point out the obvious ("MMMmm yeah, I think that's it over there" "I'm pretty sure" "Transportation Center" "Yes, see look, train station, see the tracks?") Then he tries to smooth it over by coming back and saying "Nice breakfast, caffeine and nicotine". At this point I don't even know why he is still here as he isn't making a move to help me with my bulging backpack. I make a run for the train as soon as it pulls in, and he gives me an "I'm sorry, what are you doing next weekend?" Can someone please beat me over the head unconscious please?

Then I get on the train and everyone in business class is neatly spread out every other seat with their newspapers and briefcases spilled out over the seat next to them. Lugging my huge backpack back and forth through the aisle as everyone tries to avoid my glance. Must have been the swollen, peeling face. I am about to let them all have it, "Anybody want to fucking move their shit, please?!@?#" Finally some nice guy on a conference call grabs my arm and graciously offers me to the seat next to him. I sit stewing in anger as my stomach is in knots and cramping with a feeling in-between menstrual and food poisoning.

Then we get to Union Station and the train thins out, thank god, and I am ready to enjoy the scenic route through the Valley to Simi and Oxnard. So the 2nd half wasn't bad, I really shouldn't complain, even the 2 little kids traveling with their dad weren't bugging. They were on a little daytrip from LA to Santa Barbara, maybe staying a night and going to Pismo the next day. I thought, how nice, how thoughtful, wish my parents would have thought of something like that.

So anyway my heartfelt endorsement of Amtrak. It is the way to go, and I love the slogan. Go Amtrak. Simple, to the point, and rah-rah. Goooooooo Amtrak! Haha, and it is rather economical, it is not quite up to the standard of the European train tradition, but I am going to give it another go on a longer journey up to Oregon next month.

My crappy day, part 2, to be continued.

posted by meesh at 12:54 PM