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wFriday, August 23, 2002

mothere frekain freaks. I don't know what it was. (Maybe because I called them lazy ass fuckface brits.) I tried to hang in there, being the loyal sort I am, and their templates were uber cool in a Tarzhay way. But like all guys who let you down time and time again, it is time to say goodbye to the folks at enetation. Maybe we will meet again one day.

Our new comments folks are Haloscan. Their templates are crisp and clean (all 2 of them). They load up like a junkee on heroin (quick and satisfying). So anyway, if you give a rat's ass, then let me know

posted by meesh at 4:32 PM


Laughing my ass off at the Laughing Boy Genius

Girls Suck and, well, you know what? Guys suck, too, god damn it!.

Tony, read the above, and I think killer chics should do the world a favor and just stay single! Saucy Cherry-adorned Vixens!

posted by meesh at 10:02 AM

wThursday, August 22, 2002

I don't know what is wrong with me. I have a huge application sitting on my desk, about 50 pages long, only one form left and it is finished. Been working on it for the last 3 months. It is like I don't want it to be finished. Instead I have been rating rods since lunchtime.

I KNOW! It is like I am trying to get fired!!

Ahh, not until snowboarding season, my friends, then Meesh will be long gone. I will say, though, all this dick is making me horny. I may talk about sex alot, but I am not exactly always ready to go. My shower massager and I have not been intimate in a while. Had a hot guy in my jacuzzi the other day, and all I would let him touch is my feet.

I think it was the firemen that got me started today. The truck pulled up out front at about 10:30. I didn't see them go in (they went into a suite a few doors down), but the secretary next door was standing out front scoping it out, so I joined her. We stood out front waiting for them to come out so we could yell, "FIRE!!"

While we were waiting, the artist, Whitney, who rents some office space in my building for a studio, came up to us. Whitney usually works late night and sleeps days. I see him leaving in the morning all tousled hair and squinting eyes. He's asked me to pose for him, but I prefer to keep the fantasy alive. It certainly helps the creative process when I am at work late writing, and I know he is only 3 doors down, and I could just go over there, get naked on his couch and live out a little Titanic scene.

We chitchat about what's going on (none of us know), and as he walks away, Meg and I ogle his butt, he turns around, our eyes probably burning a hole in his ass, and smiles. MmmmmMmmmmMmmm.

One of the firemen comes out, late 40's (Meg's age), and we call him over to find out the 411. Instantly, she is this sexy little vixen, hands on hips, looking sideways, smirking. I am amused by their exchange and hope I am as frisky as she at 46. He is pretty amused, too. I guess he probably gets that shit all the time. What is it about firemen? A few minutes later, his two buddies come out, and the fire alarms are going off. One of them is about my age, maybe a little younger, blonde hair, huge biceps, and dimples. The other one is a bag. I ask him about what's going on, even though I already know. I shake it off after I realize I am licking my chops like the big cats at the zoo during feeding time, and reluctantly let him leave.

Ahh, a nice piece of manmeat before lunch. Nice.
Can't wait to get home and hit the showers.

And the parents are going to Jamaica and leaving Meesh all alone in the palace this weekend. There is going to be one happy houseboy, that's for sure.

posted by meesh at 3:40 PM


guess I am still daydreaming about last weeks John Mayer concert.
I know some of you might find his stuff a little too gay for you,
but the lyrics to this song make me feel all tingly inside,
hopeful and excited and happy.
It is about waiting for love to happen,
almost everyone I know is there
and you want it to hurry up and get here.
(Watched Amelie last night, so that is why I am in sappyhappy love mode,
Meesh sadlovemode is super depressing,
we don't want that)


Staying home alone on a Friday
Flat on the floor looking back
On old love
Or lack thereof
After all the crushes are faded
And all my wishful thinking was wrong
I'm jaded
I hate it

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here

Searching all my days just to find you
I'm not sure who I'm looking for
I'll know it
When I see you
Until then, I'll hide in my bedroom
Staying up all night just to write
A love song for no one

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
Could I have missed my chance
And watched you walk away?

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
You'll be so good
You'll be so good for me

posted by meesh at 12:57 PM


Aaahhhhhh, the birth of a blog

posted by meesh at 12:24 PM


I drink so much espresso
that my pee smells like espresso.

Does that ever happen to you?

posted by meesh at 10:47 AM

wWednesday, August 21, 2002

Well, well, well,

conquered the Mountain yesterday. It wasn't the usual hellish temps (thank god), didn't have to wait more than an hour for any ride (Deja Vu, rawwwked) and towards the end of the day we walked right onto Viper and Riddler's Revenge (that ride is the shiznit). Didn't get to go on the brand new ride, X, (although I HAVE rolled that ride before), but it looked pretty sick. We stood inline for it for like 15 minutes before I realized "Dude, it hasn't been moving". It kind of reminds me of the Zipper (county fair stylee, remember?) on acid, all superfast, but you are not in a carthing, you are sort of strapped in bungee style no-bungee. Make sense? Here is video. Arrgh. whatev, there will be other days.

The girlies enjoyed it immensely. I left them alone for 45 minutes, I come back and they had gone on Spin Out, I couldn't stop laughing at their total amateur move, but she puked and was done with it. I made sure they were thoroughly soaked and freaked out before the day was out. I was like a little kid again, skipping around, won a stuffed pig, and checked out other girl's boyfriends. Ah, just like old times. Oh wait, I STILL do that stuff.

Got some super nice e-mails from people, a link from the college boys, my first heckler, and super famous stalkees, Rightwing Texan and Treacher have been over eying the goods. To what do I owe this honor? Well I will do my best to deem myself worthy of your adoration my loving minions.

Meesh - she's not cheap, she's free

Luke from Jam Sandwich asked me to send him a pic of me with the words I love Luke, and he would flow me a link. If any of you see my picture on their site with, oh, I dunno, a big dick in my mouth or something would you let me know? I dig those guys but they are a bit, mmm. ....rambunctious. Fuck, I shouldn't give them any ideas...

Anyway I have been geeking out all day (not with you! I know, but geeking nonetheless). I am headed for Sal's Mexican Inn, the best mother freakin carne asada this side of Mexico.

Question: Can you get turned on when your parents are in the next room? (I certainly can't, living at home is sooo ruining my sex life)


posted by meesh at 5:41 PM

wMonday, August 19, 2002

How to be my friend
(list not all inclusive)

1. Send me flowers.

2. Get little kids to call me up, and say "I Love You Meesh, and I miss you."

3. Flatter me or exalt my geekletic abilities.

4. Send me floaty pens and snowglobes.

5. Fix my MoFu comments section, you lazy brits.

6. Meet me at Le Mountaine Magique tomorrow

7. Make my picture look all dope-sick like Dawn's (you freaking hottie you!)

8. Link my website.

9. Sign my Guestbook.

10. Write a haiku for me.

posted by meesh at 4:57 PM


Favorite links of the month - Come across alot of cool shit I've been meaning to share, so you mighta come across these already yourself, but if not, sheck em out:

Save Karyn (she's up to almost 7G's!!!) has been spawning a few copycat sites, this one, Skint! I like the best.

You know how when you were a kid and you used to make Ken and Barbie do it? (Well get naked under the sheets anyway). Apparently guys do the same thing with their Legos (click on the fuzzy pics for close-ups) Very cool.

I tried this, it really does help. A bit more comprehensive than the old 8 ball.

So does this. I am sure there is a very easy explanation for how it works.
So someone figure it out and explain it to ME.

If you haven't checked out True Porn Clerk Stories yet, do so now. Tae Bo is my favorite.

New to me, funny for you:

Liloia.com - thinly veiled insults posing as truth.

Orby Online - Three cute 20-year old UCDavis students with an anti-france sentiment? Ok.

Piker - me likey

Girls Suck - funny, bitter, and true

and that's it. If you don't hear from me again, then that means I have been fired.

Going to Magic Mountain tomorrow with these two cute japanese girls. I swear one of them is really named Fukumi.

posted by meesh at 11:30 AM


Recent Google Searches that led to my site:

muscular chics

nice breasts nipple pics

female cum pics

grunt teacher pussy (yes, really)

and of course, bukkake


posted by meesh at 10:08 AM