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wFriday, November 15, 2002

Calling all geeks:

You know, I tend to get a little squirrely when I read the technical rambles that some blogs serve up, but this is an issue of physical and mental health here people.
I am going blind from this new monitor and it has only been 45 minutes. It seems to be shaking a bit like a junkee on the 20th hour of withdrawl. Whatever the case, I can't bear to look at my brand new 19 inch, and my eyeballs are swelling up like a 3 day old zit. Help!!! Am I just out of shape? Can I do something else to adjust? WTF? My eyes! I'm blind.
The sides of the picture are kind of shivering or something. It's killing me.

Okay if anyone can help, that would just be super, otherhoo, I don't know what I shall do. Oh yes I do, off to ride, opening day at Ajax, late.

posted by meesh at 12:13 PM

wWednesday, November 13, 2002

I drove straight from Palm Desert to Aspen on November 2. Takes about 14 hours.

Ok, so I didn't drive the whole way, but I DID stay awake the whole way. A big accomplishment for me.

I prefer to sleep on long car trips, otherwise I just eat the whole time. And drink Big Gulps, and then have to piss every 45 minutes. Seriously, I have a bladder the size of a thimble.

And then when there is someone else in the car, well, it's too distracting to masturbate, although I will give up a BJ, you know, have to keep up driver morale.

Anyhoo, I hadn't exactly driven much lately (After the ACCIDENT), let alone driven a full ton truck towing a 7 x 7 hot tub on a snowmobile trailer. But I was willing to give it a go. Especially after my co-pilot started to nod off around Richfield. So I put my 2 hours in, but handed the reins over at Grand Junction and succumbed to the pixie dust falling before my eyes.

When I woke up somewhere on the 82, I jumped a foot out of my seat. I seemed to be in some sort of Star Wars sequel, flying through space, the stars rushing right for my ship's force field and blowing over head. No wait, that was just the snow falling. Luckily we were just outside of town, it was getting near 2 in the morning. You know when you are just so far away from somewhere, you think you're never going to get there? and then you are almost right there, and still think you won't get there, like the whole most accidents happen x miles form home. So all of a sudden I am super alert, as if, my concentration will see us there safely.

I catch movement on the side of the road and I instinctively think: dog. But it is a young deer, out for a midnight stroll, and she turns here head to me nonchalantly, as if to say, Relax freak, your home.

So I was stoked to finally be home in Aspen, althought there were still a million things to do. My place is an incredible little shack facing Ajax, which was cluttered with the ghosts of skibums past. About 12 years worth. Trying to turn it into a cozy girly cabin was no small feat.

A pint of Orange Glo and Windex, 100 candles, 50 rugs, and some vintage linens later it was coming together nicely.

Next order of business: firewood. The place is heated by this huge pot-bellied stove that just kicks the heat. It is a little hard to secure a cord of firewood in the mountains in November, so we drove to an apple farm in Palisade, about 2 hours away, and had at their huge pile of old growth apple wood. If you know wood, you know apple wood is the shit. I am talking, like, people had mad wood envy. We filled a pickup truck with nearly a whole cord, thanks to my expert stacking skills. And IT IS a skill, let me tell you.
The truck groaned, I kept waiting for it to spill over but it never did. I mean, that shit was STACKED. Ahh the little joys in life.
Stopped in West Glenwood and had the motherf-ing best damn meatball sub in my life. Mancinellis off the 70. If you are so compelled, you won't be sorry, the chicken parm sub, dios mios.

Well wood is stacked, got my season pass, thanks to my gracious new employer. Saw my first Avalanche game last weekend. Friday. Eisner is an Aspen resident, and kicked us down with his eleventh row center tix. Face Value: 121 bucks. Yea freaking right. Coincidentally, they were playing his Duckies.

Just breaking my heart I tell ya. I just can't relive it, it's too painful. Going from leading 2 to 1, and losing 4-3 in overtime seems to be their MO these days. They had yet to win a freaking home game (Just won their first, FINALLY). But I can think of a couple reasons why. The fans sucked. I've seen rowdier fans at a Ladybug soccer match. Maybe cause the damn tickets cost 2 arms and a leg. Somber is the word.

They are certainly not worth that trip over the pass. Got to check out the runs on the way up to Denver though. Copper was up and running and everyone and their little brother was taking a few runs. Loveland, too. Looking beautiful there, they seem to get this doughnut of sunshine circling over their peaks.

That weekend dumped 3-4 feet of snow in most areas. All the smart people decided to head up the 70 to get theirs that weekend, too. We caught the brunt of it heading home Saturday. I hear it was nearly the worst ever. All the idiots with their 2-wheel drive SUVs, give me a freaking break with those things. All the semis jacknifes 20 miles past the chains required flashers. Dumb asses. I was sort of intrigued by the whole spectacle, I had never witnessed such a scene.

Everything was indeed blindingly white back in our little valley. I wonder if I will get sick of seeing white white white all the time. Lots of pretty things to take pix of anyway. Did you know there are over 300 days of sunshine in Aspen a year? So it snows for a couple days, then it is blue blue blue sky. And warm, too. Not nearly as cold as you'd think. I definitely had colder mornings at Big Sur. Cal has that wet cold, you know? that just chills you to the bone, and I could never get warm. Hooked up with my new Sorels and some fleece, and am so good to go. And beanies, man I love beanies, I love men in beanies, and fleece, and Sorels.

The men. All the New Zealanders and South Africans and Colorado boys, heading in from whatever beach they were hiding away at. Same ones I was at apparently. Oh ladies, can I tell you how hot they all are? No fun, unless you ski, because they are there, on the slope, sunup to sundown. Good for me.

This hottie with shoulder length blond curls took me sledding on Sunday. Now when he said sledding, I thought, ok bunny hill, fun. But, no. Just a ploy to get my fat ass moving up up up the mountain. Hiked all the freaking way up to the Sundeck on Buttermilk, panting like a damn dog, till we got to the top. I was pretty fearful, as the mountain had yet to be groomed, and powder was 4 feet deep in spots. All the people we passed on the way up, eyeballed our sled, and said WTF?!?!? We had our Team Rossignol yellow jackets on, and said we were the Xtreme sledding team.

The snow was falling lightly the whole time, and I was kicking myself for not bringing goggles, or even a gaiter. I kept looking backwards, and my fear grew steadily, but knew I was in good hands, with Team Xtreme sled boy, I'd just tuck my head in behind him and wrap my arms tight around. Anyhow, the sled wouldn't really stay on the path, prefering to take the fall lines, the powder nailed us, we were both blinded headed for the snowguns, rolling over, covered in the powder, squealing and laughing my ass off. Shit, that was fun.

At the bottom, we took turns going off the pipe with the sled, standing up, holding the reigns, Arrrgh, I cannot wait until the park opens. Buttermilk doesn't open daily till December, but gives me plenty of hiking time with sled boy. That's just excelllent.
Yawwwn, woah, I am way out of blog shape. Screw the spellcheck.

Still no monitor. I am in withdrawls. Broadband and NO monitor. Torture! Soon young jedi, soon. So much good stuff to blog about here. The elections here were such dramedy. But this is a small small town...

Sled boy is done playing hockey any minute now, and my fire is getting a little low, so TTFN.

posted by meesh at 9:19 PM