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wSaturday, April 12, 2003

Well, I've browsed the archives, and shit, there's some goood stuff.

she's not cheap, she's free!
Bad kitty !!!
Erotica, anyone?
Eat some pussy
Masturbating and driving, oooh yeah
100 things
Bitter, naaaaah
Shave your kitty
Anal (no, not retentive)
What is sexy?

posted by meesh at 6:18 PM


Dude, I don't even know how to do this geek shit anymore, and I swear I am like 15 pounds lighter than in this picture. Fuckin A, you hate me, I know.

The thing is, it's so easy to talk about life when it just rocks, and everything is like, Ha ha my life rules way harder than yours does. And I have so much dope shit pent up inside just waiting to explode, but shit is going down right now, like restraining orders and harrasment, and this town is way too fucking small, waaaaaay small to talk about any of it.

God damn, if you only knew.

I try to check e-mail every now and then, but I swear, sometimes your comments really make my day, in a month from now, I will be super happy mellow cool chic again, and then maybe I can talk about it, but I am ok, and getting better every day, and I can't believe you all haven't X-ed me from your links.
I've wanted so many times to , start writing my ass off, but I am in a really tough place right now.
Browsed some newish blogs and they kinda suck ass, so I am going to get on it. Trust in me, that is the one constant I can't let go of, and as soon as I can upload some tracks, I made a cool song blog for you special folks out there.
On the positive note, the skiing is still pretty sick, Aspen mountain closes next weekend, and I have the cutest mother fucking pink skis in town. And I work for a guy named Jack, who has 4 houses in Aspen. figure it out. Yeah, JACK.

Fuck I look fat in this pic. OK, gonna find a pic with my cute ass skis so y'all can see.

P.S. Ladies, don't take any fucking bullshit from any man, you are a queen.

posted by meesh at 5:56 PM