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wThursday, May 08, 2003

I feel like the Homeless Guy.
Blogging from the library.

Damn nicest computer lab I've ever been in.
And free, B.O.C.
Free things in Aspen are the best.
Like the bus.
Everywhere, on-time.
And the only place I know of where people say,
and Thank You to the bus driver as they get on and off.
and he says,
Have a Nice Day!

Ok, so I never took the bus ever before,
anywhere, but I'm sure it's not the ONLY place.
Tony, do you say thank you to your bus driver?

Free newspapers,
two of them,
ok so I wouldn't really wipe my ass with either
but on sloooooowww days in the off-season,
and no internet access
(I refuse to go back to dial-up....I JUST CAN'T!!@!!!!)
the only things to do are to watch the moguls fall off the steeps,
or to read every last AP article, advertisement, and classified in each the Times and the Daily.

So there are worse places to be stuck in than Aspen, I know,
but everything is so miserable right now.
The weather,
on and off sun, snow, rain,
I packed up most my winter clothes 2 weeks ago,
when it was 70 degrees and I was wearing flip flops,
and refuse to seek them out.
SO what if I've been wearing the same sweatshirt all week.
and the next 4-5 days predict the same dreary weather.

I have resorted to mingling my fashion senses.
Dressing like a freak if you will.
I am wearing long cargo shorts,
with camel fair-isle leg warmers I made from and old sweater,
a camel Kangol beanie,
suede mocs,
hoodie and ski jacket.

Waliking to the library,
a random lady said, "Hi!, you look cool"
"Actually, I'm warm" I retorted.
My pathetic attempt at sarcasm on a miserable day.

I painted my new room blue.
Like SKY blue.
It matches the color of the water on my huge map of the world.
I always had it over my bed, so I could dream of all the places I wanted to go.
But changed it up this time.
The new house is super.
I think I live in the only million-dollar trailer park in the nation.
Always wanted to live in a trailer.
Not sure why.
Runs in the blood I guess.
You've heard the ole "You ca take the girl out of the trailer park, but..."
and vice versa.
Sure, whatever.
It's my own little domain now.
All girlied up.
Peachy pink sunroom covered in plants,
2 Bedrooms and a big living room with a bay window.
Reminds me of the trailer parks on the beach back home,
in Seal and the Shores.
I made it all beachy themed too,
big pieces of coral line the front walkway,
starfish head the doorways and large abalone shells
decorate the bathroom.

And it has a great big DECK.
Some people say a small deck is better than no deck,
but I disagree.
Size matters in deck size.
It could probably hold ....mmmm. 30 people.
Nice, the housewarming is aloha themed
(Of course)
If the sun ever comes out again.

Well hello,
and how are you?
Hope to check comments and e-mail soon,
so say what up, and
catch you when the damn cable company can figure it out.

posted by meesh at 1:29 PM