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wTuesday, April 20, 2004

famous people, Prada, and champagne powder

I thought about why I hadn't written in so long and I guess it just comes down to that there wasn't a whole lot of thinking going on this winter. Things and life just keep rolling on, or crashing down. I didn't stop to think, "Hmm... was today a good day, or a bad day?" I mean, I didn't have to use my AK, so ...

It went like this: work, party, sleep, ski, work, work, party, party, sleep, sleep, work, party, sleep, ski, ski, sleep, ski, party, and so on and so forth. (Ok, so I snowboarded, too)

Time was spent making money, being shallow, drinking the most expensive champagne possible, and seeing how far I could lower my immune system to and still be fully functional.

Yeah interesting things happened, people were met, things went down. But not a whole lot of thought process behind them, and therefore, not a lot of introspection involved. I wondered if people wanted to know this stuff. Would sharing it then make me an even bigger sand bar?

Hmmmm... So I was at Prada's Christmas party talking to Andre Leon Talley and Kristin Davis walks in and he squeals, "Look, you guys have the same skirt AND the same shoes on!" (trivial)

I'm bartending at this incredible restaurant (the best) (of course) and Sean Penn sits down, orders a drink, makes small talk, then finally says, "So when do you get off?" and I reply, "I don't know, how long does it usually take you." (haha)

Jack Black doing naked cannonballs in the Sky hotel pool at 3am. (piss your pants funny)

the Saudi prince who bought me the black studded Manolo's (ok, he wasn't a prince, he was some ambassadors son, but he stayed at Bandars phat estate)

Well I guess it's interesting to me, but at the time, I didn't haven't the opportunity to dwell on it, for each day was different. What's going on today, and tomorrow, not what happened last week was what was important. We're talking nonstop, commercial free programming.

SO, NOW, what do I think?
Well I think if I hadn't spent all that money on $300 bottles of champagne and $300 sunglasses, I could be somewhere really nice and tropical right now, instead of in this freezing ass ghost town.

I think if I was back in LA, I could have found myself a nice young man (or one of my nice old ones) to settle down with by now, instead of wasting my time on hot, charming, rich guys who will visit twice a year. Arrgh.

I think I need to get my act together and lose 15 pounds or I'll be modeling for A Pea in the Pod instead of fur coats. and Gucci.

And I think, as I have been every year at about this time, exactly about this time , that I want to have a baby, before I'm 30 (next year), and why can't I find the right sperm donor. Should I place an ad? "Got kids?? Want some??"

I think if I don't pick a boyfriend soon, I am going to become the crazy cat lady, talking and sleeping with my cat (Wait I already do that). I was actually at the pet store today, thinking "Wow, those hamsters are pretty cute, or, hmmm... what about some goldfish?" I've kept a plant alive for almost 6 months, I can have goldfish! (or a baby! haha).

posted by meesh at 11:53 AM


So much for the vegetarian/smoothie diet. I just attacked a rottiserie chicken with a fork. I wonder how the chicken would taste in the blender?

I remember when I had my tongue pierced like 12 years ago (before it was cool, wait, was it ever cool?), I lost like 14 pounds sucking stuff through a straw. But I think I was on crack, too, I can't remember. Hmmm? And it wasn't just fruits and veggies, I would have like lobster bisque, and pot roast with mashers (ok, maybe not), but I didn't stick to the lo-cal.

I lasted 3 days, that's not so bad. Don't know if I lost weight, I haven't had a scale since I was on crack. I do weigh myself on the scale occasionaly at the gym, but the scale is in the cardio room, and I am always looking over my shoulder to make sure no one is looking. "But, but I'm tall!!" I want to scream out. And when you get off the scale, it still says your weight, so I just want to cover it up till it goes away. I know I am probably average, but who wants to be average? My medical reccomendation for my height (5'10") is 129-169 lbs. Yeeeahhhh. I'll take 129, thanks.

posted by meesh at 11:21 AM

wMonday, April 19, 2004

whoa taking like an hour to figure out how to do this shit again.
I'd delete it all and start over but no fucking way I could figure all this out again.

posted by meesh at 9:10 PM